One more time, this is for real

Alice Duncan

Photography is a misunderstanding and the photograph is a lie.

Strongly rooted in analogue photography, Alice Duncan’s practice investigates society’s reliance on photography to represent the real, or as evidence of an event; a reliance that has led us to mistake photography with the act of seeing.

In One more time, this time for real. Duncan exposes the strange and often sadistic relationships that exist between photographs and readily available objects. With a heavy emphasis on materiality, Duncan distances the viewer from the emotive and personal subject matter of the photographs. This allows a more complex and analytical approach to art production, whereby photography is merely a tool for encountering events and articulating their strangeness.

Alice Duncan is a New Zealand born artist, currently residing in Melbourne. She graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Art (Photography) is 2013 and received a Bachelor of Fine Art: Honours in 2015. Recent exhibitions include If you saw me walk, would you assume I could run?, Bus Projects 2017, Lightscape Projects, RMIT 2015 and Stretagic Memory Protection, Kings ARI 2014. Duncan was artist-in-residence at the IAM in Berlin in 2014.

Exhibition: 18th October – 4th November
Opening Event: 18th October 6 – 8pm
Gallery 2 Level 2 METRO ARTS
Gallery open: Monday to Friday 10am-4pm, Saturday 2pm-4pm.

Words by Chelsea Hopper

Cut Thumb Laundry is Metro Arts’ 2017 Artist-Run Initiative in Residence.