Mitchell Donaldson | Ally McKay | Cosima Scales | Karl Shoobridge

Cut. Paste. Repeat.
A contemporary look at the 20th century’s contentious means of art creation, Pieces features new works from four artists originally based in Brisbane who all, in some way shape or form, engage in collage. Often associated with poorly constructed photographic images, collage weaves itself through these practices without a single magazine cut out in sight. Used as a methodology, and by process of studio visits, these four artists thoughtfully navigate materials, surfaces and construction through assemblage and installation. Aware of the properties of their mediums, these artists seek to facilitate the potential of their materials within their works, and between each others’ work.

Often referred to as an assemblage of objects or images to create a new whole, this exhibition seeks to purposefully engage this collage process on a number of levels. Contextualising the use of contemporary collage, these artists broaden the studio visit experience to you, extending their knowledge of their themes and making processes by selecting video works to be screened in the main gallery.

A special screening event, Snippets, is set for 5.30pm, Saturday 8th of July to accompany this exhibition. Please join us for a twilight viewing of video works selected by our artists to contextualise their practices, and to further discussions had within the studio visits. Snippets has been made a separate event, with our featured artists to be announced closer to the screening date.