Torin Francis

The exhibition, Lapsed, investigates the material properties of weather balloons, and how their intrinsic and potential forms can complicate our sense of time. By installing the balloons in both inflated and deflated states, an ‘in-between’ experience of spatial and sensory ambivalence is created. In doing so, Lapsed rejects definitive static forms, instead engaging sculptural strategies including suspension and stretching, to represent both a presence and absence of causation. By playfully exploring these multifaceted and liminal relationships of form, space, and experience, the exhibition reflects on the transitory nature of time.

Torin Francis is an emerging Brisbane based artist originally from London, currently completing his Honours in Visual Art at the Queensland University of Technology. His work reflects on the fragility of time by creating formal relationships between objects, space, and motion, in site-specific installations.  His practice is largely process driven and utilises ready-made materials, working predominately in sculpture, assemblage, and installation. Utilising chance-based strategies, the work seeks to disrupt linear notions of time by subverting the spatial boundaries and locations of found objects. By re-evaluating and re-contextualising objects in space, Francis seeks to explore how slippages of motion and material states affect experiences of time.