Body of Voice

Naomi Blacklock

Body of Voice gathers themes of baptisms, the witch archetype, and the female scream together in a participation based installation. Oscillating and occulting between speaker, water and air the artist’s scream is free of form, a ghost in and of itself. Here the scream in absence of body becomes a disembodied voice, a sound that summons new kinds of terrifying images to be associated with it. In its environment the witch’s scream is free to anoint, sanctify and haunt its listener.

Naomi Blacklock is a Brisbane-based artist, who has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Working primarily with sound installation and performance, her artworks involve an exploration and examination of mythologies regarding the witch archetype and the female scream as they have been treated in performance art and intersectional feminist theories. She addresses the significance of disruptive feminist voices and reimagines intersectional identities in contemporary art practice through the figure of the ‘witch’ as Other.

Essay by Zoë De Luca