The _________ of ___________.

The ______ of _______.

Is reality really real or icloudy? Enigmatic, celebrated, and fabulously fugacious curator Denise Foveaux brings together seven artists to uniquely respond to the zeitgeist of wifi-Skype-able transience, of instantly-connectable evanescence, of digital-bitcoin snapchat-ability, of bandwidth-twittering conjecture. What now, they ask, is the nature of reality? Might reality exist without material objects? If so, how does this reality come into being? Has our relationship with material reality changed? How can the reality of objects be tested? Is your reality different to mine? Who/what are the authorities behind reality judgements?

Charlie Donaldson
Kristian Fraccia
Romii Fulton-Smith
Julie-Anne Milinski
Sacred Gaia Healing�
Spencer Harvie
The Wandering Room

Denise Foveaux’s** curatorial statement

Is reality only about the material: heavy, solid and bangable? How real is an impermanent snapchat image or the Skype image on my laptop of my friend in Berlin? Materialism (or physicalism) is a widely held belief that there is nothing else in the world “over and above the physical, or that the physical facts in a certain sense exhaust all the facts about the world”.* But, when I Skype my friend in Berlin, what is the reality I am seeing on my screen? I am seeing the physicality of complex computings converted into light pulses and I think I am seeing my friend on my laptop but maybe that is just a constructed reality resulting from my thoughts, consciousness and memory of what he looks like. Materialism holds that thoughts and consciousness are not part of reality. What if thoughts and ideas (maybe a rouse or a lie) are bolstered by material “evidence” – how real is that?

Reality is crucial to my practice as an award winning architect. My muse is Baudrillard. I specialize in constructing facades. Much of my reality, no, perhaps all, has been constructed through ideas and images and words on a screen. How real, then is my world? How real am I?

I have asked seven Brisbane artists (Charlie Donaldson, Kristian Fraccia, Romii Fulton-Smith, Julie-Anne Milinski, Sacred Gaia Healing�, Spencer Harvie, The Wandering Room) to respond to reality – particularly now where reality that can be so convincingly digitally constructed. Is reality being re-defined, re-aligned? Is materiality still a pre-condition to reality?

*David Chalmers, The Conscious Mind, 41.

**Denise Foveaux is an artist and world participant. She is the technical and artistic advisor to Sacred Gaia Healing � ( ). Her practice concerns manipulation and transmutations of ontological posturing. She draws on theorists and practitioners as diverse as Jean Baudrillard, Walt Disney, Thomas Kuhn and Shea Hembrey.

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