Homeground at Boxcopy

Eight artists that make up four collaborations have been hanging out in one gallery with one ‘sandbox’ for one week.

ANABEL (Rachael Archibald and Callum Galletly)
BUSTY BLONDE ATHLETIC BRUNETTE (Chloe Waters and Marisa Georgiou)
MANNING + O’REILLY ARTISTS (Aishla Manning and Naomi O’Reilly)
SHATRICK (Shannon Tonkin and Patrick Zaia)

The Laundry Artspace will be responding and building onto the previous dialogue intitiated by FAKE estate and CLUTCH Collective. Cut Thumb ARI and Inhouse ARI will follow.


HOMEGROUND Brisbane Artist Run Activity, Today and Tomorrow

Project dates: 29 May – 2 July 2016
Gallery open: Friday & Saturday 12-6pm

HOMEGROUND addresses the local context of artist run culture in Brisbane. The gallery at Boxcopy will become a site for process-based and dialogic exchange between six local ARIs, emphasising collaborative and speculative methods of working.

HOMEGROUND is an accumulative exhibition project, with each artist run initiative in residence at Boxcopy for one week in succession, with open days on Fridays and Saturdays 12-6pm.