‘Something like this, but not this’

‘Something like this, but not this’ is an in-between stage.
A stage of still trying to work it out.
A stage of kind of knowing what you want to do.
A stage of not quite knowing what we want things to be.
“…we often mistake coincidence or forced analogy for profound meaning.”

This exhibition features works from the QCA Honours students of 2016.

Adam Anderson
Hailey Atkins
James Barth
Debbie Bennetts
Jocelyn Boyle
Laura Burstow
Rebekah Evans
Heather Fitzpatrick
Emma Gardner
Jenna Green
James Hornsby
Peter Kozak
Annelize Mulder
Marc Pricop
Karen Stephens
Rachael Wellisch
Andrew Willis

A list of works and exhibition map can be downloaded here: Map & list of works

Exhibition photos coming soon…


Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/727259580749246/